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While an interpretation defines the manner in which you see your relationship.

While an interpretation defines the manner in which you see your relationship.

Usually, disputes may not be fixed, becautilize individuals use interpretations rather than emotions to spell it out what exactly is occurring in their mind. The huge difference is the fact that emotions describe an feeling at a true point with time.

A few examples: emotions: personally i think unfortunate, furious, afraid, disgusted, pissed, insecure, guilty, pity, etc. Interpretation: we feel betrayed, utilized, managed, mistrusted, deceived, etc.

The situation using the latter is, why these really perhaps perhaps not explain what is happening inside the individual. You can pose issue: “How exactly does it feel to be betrayed, utilized, managed, etc.?” to return towards the actual thoughts.


Yes , feeling is a significantly better term than adjective. I shall make that noticeable modification on the article.

Your point about “interpretations”, in other words, accusatory adjectives, is interesting. I believe as a whole that you’re right. Some people do seem to find those words useful, probably if they are self-confident folks who are open to hearing all kinds of feedback at the same time. In such cases the possibly accusatory-sounding term turns into a leaping down point for shared research from both events.

The old TA (Transactional Analysis) options are useful for folks who have trouble finding a feeling word. Decide to try: angry, unfortunate, scared or happy.

Many Many Thanks Patrick because of this addition!